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About SheepyDev

So, why the name SheepyDev? That's because of my last name. My last name is Schaap, Dutch for sheep. I needed a name so i didn't have to use my real name, and.... here it is.

I am a young student from the Netherlands, and I develop SheepyDev projects in my spare time.
When I have time (sometimes at the evening or in the weekend) I work on those (open-source) projects. That's the reason why progress is not made fast, and it may take some time to make an update.
The only reason why I develop software is because I think it is fun.

I need your help

Donations are very welcome

Even a small contribution would be fantastic!
Donating is very easy. The easiest way is to use BuyMeACoffee.com

You can als download one of the Android apps by SheepyDev in the Google Play Store or XDA Labs (XDA Labs preferred).

Sharing is caring!

Ugh, I hate that sentence. Dont want to spend money? Help distributing EasyCode and all other SheepyDev projects. Follow or subscribe my social channels or share this website with your friends.

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